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NilavroNill Shoovro

The author of the poetry collection “Unsigned Epitaph” is also the founding editor of the monthly web journal Our Poetry Archive. Loves to write poems, usually writes essays and articles on various social topics covering burning issues of the present time. His main area of interest is philosophy literature and international affairs.

My Poetic Side

Although I don’t know why I walk
Although I don’t have any destination
Still, I walk along the time scale

Line Of Poetry

Dissolving shadows of our days
Against all odds and something else
Trying in vain to save an epic tale
Write Out Loud

Watching the full moon
Coming out of the monsoon cloud
-In the middle of the lonely night

Internet has changed many things in our life and society. Especially with the advent of social sites and blogs, those who had no scope of publishing their writings, have suddenly gotten a medium of immense possibilities to publish their own writings whenever they wish. You don’t have to wait and go on counting the number of days hoping your writings will be published at last. You don’t have to depend on the editors for publishing your writings. Now social sites have provided you that power, which you can use to publish your own writings whenever you wish. Not only that, you’ll get instant feedbacks of your writings from your virtual audience. Unlike publishing in print medium, publishing in social sites gives you a golden opportunity to see how people are reacting with your writings. So, anyone who wish to be a writer or poet can flourish as a writer or poet through this new medium over the internet”.


Actually, poetry is not inspiration, it is organization. One has to organise his or her emotions and visions in such a manner and also in an impersonal way that his or her poetry can evoke the emotions of the readers without revealing the personal emotions and sentiment of the poet. Actually, a poet’s mind is like an ocean of emotions and experiences which helps the poet to build up his personal vision. The poetic process fuses these distinct emotions, experiences into an impersonal vision. This impersonality is the essence of true poetry”.


NilavroNill Shoovro’s website and the International Web Journal Our Poetry Archive are highly commendable literary ventures. The website is a wonderful array of poetry, articles and critical opinions that at once arrest our attention and reveal his humanitarian concern. His poetry pulsates with pain, passion and harsh realities of life that go deep into the soul.-Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha.

NilavaroNill Shoovro’s poetry is soul-stirring, subtle, and sublime, replete with human compassion which, at present, seems to be on the verge of extinction.Through his words, he makes things happen, hammering away at the rampant negativities and trying to create a rejuvenated world where love, empathy, and peace reign. Sensitively wielding the pen, he uncovers the problems we are besieged with and tries to suggest remedies.  His International Web journal, “OUR POETRY ARCHIVE” in which I have had the honour of contributing my poetry many times, is a meticulously edited journal, where he has successfully brought poets of the world together, breaking down all geographical barriers and setting examples of peaceful coexistence. – Dr. Santosh Bakaya: Academic, poet, biographer, essayist, novelist, Tedx Speaker, and creative writing mentor.   

I know poet NilavroNill Shoovro for over five years now. A silent, low profile and selfless gentleman poet who lets his Our Poetry Archive do all the talking through showcasing other poets! The poems he writes, are always of a high order. Written with a deep sensitivity, they invariably touch the core of one’s heart. What’s important to note is that he takes his fellow poets along – a rare quality! He has provided a platform to so many poets through his Our Poetry Archive initiative. I wish poet NilavroNill Shoovro the very best in all his endeavours.PADMAJA IYENGAR-PADDY: Poet, editor. Literary & Cultural Convenor, ISISAR, Kolkata, and Editorial Counselor-India, International Writers’ Journal, USA.

Although we have much more communication possibilities then before, there is neither more profound communication nor humanism. On the contrary, people are more lonesome than before. The increasing number of suicides confirms it. When one opens his pc or smart phone, undesired commercial publicity floods in. And the so-called social media? They mainly serve to make their owners shamelessly rich. Humanity has become seldom. Even the majority of contemporary poets care only about the promotion of their poetry. A rare exception is NilavoNill Shoovro. Although he is a well-known and excellent Indian poet, he mainly invests his time in the promotion of other poet’s poetry, poetry from all over the world, monthly published at his excellent website and yearly as an anthology of modern international poetry. In his recent poem The Year is Ending, he asks “Will you remember me again?”. Without doubt, the many thousands of OPA readers and the poets will remember his precious publications. –Germain Droogenbroodt

GERMAIN DROOGENBROODT is an internationally well-known poet, translator, publisher, and promoter of modern international poetry. He wrote short stories and literary reviews, but mainly poetry, so far 15 poetry books, published in 22 countries.

Nilavronill Shoovro is a highly accomplished  literary figure whose poetic creation has a taste of its own. He expresses his views on literary issues with finesse and grace of a seasoned man of letters that he is. His contribution to world literature is awesome  and its sheer volume  makes us speechless. The OPA is a marvellous world portal which stands as a witness to Shoovro’s spirited commitment to the cause of poetry. Dr. Jernail SIngh Anand: PoetProfessor Emeritus,The European Institute of the Roma studies& Research, Belgrade.